Funeral Services in Playa Del Rey

Playa Del Rey Funeral Services

It can be easy to arrange funeral services at a Playa Del Rey funeral home if you go into the planning meeting with some basic knowledge. The things that you need to know prior to speaking with a local funeral service provider near you are the parts of a funeral service, what funeral expenses typically cost, and how to select a funeral home in Playa Del Rey.

Traditional Parts of a Playa Del Rey Funeral Service

There are three main parts to consider when planning a local funeral service. This includes a period of time for public visitation, a funeral service, and a burial service. Sometimes families will choose a more basic funeral service so that they can have a cheap funeral and other times families choose to add services that add to the overall funeral cost.

Public Visitation

After the planning process is complete the funeral company will prepare the body of the deceased for funeral service. Funeral service begins with a period of time where the friends and family can participate in visitation. Visitation can last from a few hours to a few days depending on the family’s wishes.

At the public visitation, the friends and distant family will meet with the deceased’s immediate family members. Stories and fond memories will be shared and visitors can leave an item that the deceased cherished, flowers, or make a donation. Following public visitation, the immediate family members may elect to have a private viewing service.

Once all of the public visitation and private viewing services have been completed, a funeral service can take place at the funeral home in Playa Del Rey.

Funeral Ceremony

Making funeral arrangements includes planning the funeral ceremony. Funeral ceremonies are different for different religions and for those who are non-religious. Some funeral ceremonies can take place in a church during a worship service, while others will take place at the funeral home in Playa del Rey.

Funeral providers are able to recommend the flow of the funeral ceremony if you need help. These services typically include music, information about the deceased, and stories about the deceased’s life. Services might also include prayer and scripture reading for religious ceremonies.

Following the funeral ceremonies, the casket will be prepared for the burial services. This typically includes tucking in any decorative linens and sealing the casket. Once the casket has been properly sealed it will be transported from the funeral home to the cemetery for Playa Del Rey burial service.

Burial Service

For burial service, the deceased is moved in the casket to the cemetery where a graveside service will take place. This service is usually called a commitment service. It is to say one last final goodbye and prayer before the body of the deceased is committed to the ground, its final resting place.

Once the commitment service comes to an end, the funeral service provider will complete the burial services. Family, friends, and other visitors do not need to be present for the final burial; however, additional services may follow.

Additional Services

Some people choose to add a few services in addition to the three traditional parts of a funeral in Playa Del Rey. This may include a reception for the family and friends of the deceased. Reception can take place at a banquet hall, restaurant, family member’s home, or a wide selection of other places.

It is up to the family if they want to hold a reception. The reception may include snacks or a meal provided by the family. It may also include a slideshow of pictures to look back at the beloved times shared with the deceased over their lifetime.

A reception is typically the very end of the funeral services; however, some families choose to have an unveiling service when the headstone is finished and put in place. Due to the length of time, it takes to complete a headstone, it is typically not fully finished at the time of the burial service. For this reason, a family may choose to have an unveiling service when the headstone is complete and put in place.

How much is a Funeral in Playa Del Rey?

Funeral companies offer many low-cost funeral options. One way to lower the funeral pricing is by pre-planning your funeral. Playa Del Rey funeral services are lower in price when you pre-plan because you are able to lock in lower rates.

If you are unable to make pre-arrangements and need to make time-of arrangements for a family member who has passed don’t worry. You can still have a low-cost Playa Del Rey funeral.

Pricing for funeral services starts around $10,000 and goes up from there depending on the services that you need. A local funeral service near Playa Del Rey can offer you a package that includes the most widely used services. They will also have packages that offer fewer services but that are more cost-effective.

In addition to the financial impact that the various services that you choose to have on the overall funeral cost, you will have to account for the casket cost. Caskets range in materials, colors, and styles. You can find a casket for around $1,000 or pay upwards of $4,000 depending on what options you’re looking for.

If you need to minimize your costs for a Playa Del Rey funeral then work with the funeral provider to determine exactly what services you need and where you may be able to cut costs. Make sure that you choose a reputable service for the funeral in Playa Del Rey.

Why Choose Beach Cities Cremation Society for Funeral Services in Playa Del Rey

Affordable funeral service and cremation services are provided by Beach Cities Cremation Society. Every Playa Del Rey funeral that they do is overseen by a licensed funeral director. Their staff is experienced, courteous, and kind.

Beach Cities Cremation Society will work with you to plan funeral services in Playa Del Rey and the surrounding community. They offer assistance in each step of the planning process and are helpful with answering any questions that you may have.