Funeral Service in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Funeral Service

Affordable funeral services are available at the funeral home in Manhattan Beach. A funeral provider can help you with making funeral arrangements after your loved one has passed. There are some things that you should know about local funeral services near you so that you can make the best choices for your funeral services.

Manhattan Beach Funeral Service Planning

Your Manhattan Beach funeral home can help you arrange funeral services and walk you through the planning process. Things that you will need to plan prior to funeral service in Manhattan Beach include:

  • Choice of the casket; they will vary in materials, sizes, and decorative pieces
  • Whether to have an open or closed casket
  • Which funeral services do you want to include

The casket options that you have will depend a lot on your budget and what look you are going for. Materials include wood, metal, and particleboard. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from, like brown, black, silver, blue, pink, or white. Decorative pieces can be added to both the inside and outside of the casket depending on what you want.

Many families choose to have an open casket so that they are able to see the deceased and say goodbye one more time before they are buried in their final resting place. There are times, however, when a closed casket is better.

You will also have to decide what type of funeral services you want to have done. There are religious funeral services and cultural funeral services to consider. In this area of the world, there are traditional funeral services that most people are familiar with.

Traditional Funeral Services

There are many different types of funeral services that vary from culture to culture. In this area, traditional funeral services have three distinctive parts. The first is visitation, the second is the funeral ceremony, and the third is the burial service.

Visitation Services

Visitation service is the first thing to happen after you have planned the funeral services with the funeral company. It is a period of time where visitors and more distant family members go to share stories and memories that they have of the deceased with the immediate family members.

Visitors usually only stay for a short period of time whereas immediate family members usually stay for the duration of the visitation services. The funeral home in Manhattan Beach can help recommend how long you want to hold visitation services. It can range from a few hours to a few days prior to the funeral ceremony.

Following visitation service, but prior to funeral ceremony services, the family may choose to hold an intimate viewing service. This is a time when only close family members of the deceased gather to say their goodbyes.

Funeral Ceremony Services

Following the visitation services, there will be a ceremony for the funeral in Manhattan Beach. This service usually takes place at the funeral home but could take place at a church, too. The ceremony typically combines music, prayer, bible readings, and fond memories about the deceased’s life.

Following the Manhattan Beach funeral service, the funeral home will prepare the casket for transportation and burial services. This may include removing jewelry to be returned to the family, tucking in any decorative fabric, and properly sealing the casket.

Burial Services

Manhattan Beach burial service follows the funeral ceremony. The deceased will be taken to the cemetery where they will be committed to their final resting place. A commitment ceremony will take place at the graveside prior to the Manhattan Beach funeral company completing the burial services.

Packages for Manhattan Beach Funerals

Funeral companies will usually package the different services that they offer together to help you make the planning process easier. Examples of packages for a funeral in Manhattan Beach include:

  1. Traditional viewing, funeral service, and graveside service
  2. Basic viewing and graveside service
  3. Graveside service with a metal casket
  4. Graveside service with a simple casket

Some people choose one of these packages and nothing else, while others choose to add additional services to their favorite package. Make sure that you speak with your funeral service provider to let them know what you want to be included or excluded from the services.

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For low-cost funeral or cremation services, you should visit with Beach Cities Cremation Society. They have years of experience providing local funeral services to the Manhattan Beach community. Their staff is professional and cares about your needs. Each funeral takes place under the direction of a licensed funeral director.

There is no better provider for local funeral services near Manhattan Beach. Beach Cities Cremation Society will work to provide you with quality services and affordable funeral expenses.

FAQs About Manhattan Beach Funerals

Question 1: How much is a funeral in Manhattan Beach?

Answer 1: Funeral pricing varies depending on the services that you choose to have. The cost of services at a funeral home in Manhattan Beach starts at around $10,000 but can be upwards of $15,000. There are cheap funeral options available depending on what your basic needs are.

Question 2: Why should you pre-plan your funeral?

Answer 2: Funeral service providers are able to offer lower pricing for a future funeral than it would cost if you did not pre-plan your funeral services. It not only helps to lower the total funeral cost, but it outlines your final wishes so that your family doesn’t have to make any hard decisions in their time of sorrow.

Question 3: How much does a casket cost?

Answer 3: Caskets range in price because there are many material options as well as decorative options to choose from. A basic casket usually costs under $2,000, but you can buy them from $1,000-$4,000.

Question 4: What services do I need for a traditional funeral service in Manhattan Beach?

Answer 4: Traditional funeral services have three main parts. They usually include a visitation period, a funeral ceremony, and a commitment service at the burial.