Funeral Service in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Funeral Service

There are a few things that you should be aware of before beginning the planning process if you need to arrange funeral services. It can be beneficial to know about the three common parts of a funeral service so that you know how to make funeral arrangements. Knowing the common parts of a funeral can also help you plan a low-cost funeral.

3 Common Parts of Funeral Services

There are three common parts to a traditional funeral service. These three parts are visitation services, a funeral ceremony, and a graveside service done at the time of the burial service.

Visitation Period

Before any visitation services begin, the body of the deceased will be prepared by the funeral provider. It will be embalmed, dressed, and arranged in a casket. There are many choices when it comes to caskets. The price will fluctuate based on the material that it is made of. Your Santa Monica funeral service provider can help you find a casket that best fits your budget.

Once everything has been prepared a visitation service will be held at the funeral home in Santa Monica. This allows visitors to remember the deceased and offer the family condolences. Friends, family, and acquaintances will have time to visit and share their memories of the deceased with each other.

The visitation is usually come and go. Close family will stay to receive the visitors for the entire visitation period, but visitors usually stay for just a short period of time. This is also when the family may receive flowers, cards, or small mementos from visitors.

The Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony will begin after the visitation is over. Work with your funeral service provider to set up military honors if the deceased served in the military. You can work with a member of your church if you want to have a religious service. If you do not need either of these services you may choose to have a celebration of life ceremony.

A variety of elements can help make your funeral ceremony special. For example, you may choose to have someone speak about the life of the deceased, read from the bible, or lead everyone in prayer.

The casket will be prepared for burial services and transportation to the gravesite for burial service after the funeral services are complete.

Burial Services

The Santa Monica burial services will happen at the local cemetery that you have picked out. A committal service may precede the final burial services to commit the deceased to their final resting place. This service is much shorter than a funeral ceremony.

You do not have to plan for each of these three funeral parts, but if you choose to add services or take them away it could affect the total funeral cost.

Funeral Service Planning

If you need help with planning an affordable funeral service then you should work with your local funeral service near Santa Monica. If you are pre-planning our funeral the process will be slightly different versus planning funeral services for someone at the time of their passing.

When you are planning a funeral in Santa Monica, you will want to work with a coordinator at a funeral home in Santa Monica. They can help you arrange funeral services and choose the casket. Santa Monica funeral services usually take place at the funeral home or a local church.

To pick out the casket that your loved one will be buried in, consider the different casket options to choose from. Options that you will have to make decisions about include exterior color, interior color, materials, and style.

Funeral Pricing Expectations

Your funeral in Santa Monica can differ depending on which services you choose to include in the planning process as well as the casket that was chosen. You should ask for a breakdown of the funeral expenses or package prices at the time of planning so that you know what to expect.

Funeral companies will work with you to plan the basic needs of a funeral. The basic line items that you should expect to see on the breakdown of prices are:

  • Embalming services
  • Viewing services
  • Casket price
  • Funeral ceremony
  • Transportation
  • Burial services

Tips for Choosing Your Funeral Service Provider

You have many choices for Santa Monica funeral service providers. Find a funeral company that provides local services and is experienced.

Check to see if the funeral home in Santa Monica offers funeral service packages. Many funeral service providers add services together to meet your needs.

Why Select Beach Cities Cremation Society for Funeral Service

If you are looking for local funeral services near you then look no further than Beach Cities Cremation Society. They not only provide funeral services, but they provide cremation services, too. A licensed funeral director will oversee every funeral that is done at their local funeral home in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Funeral FAQs

Q: How much is a funeral in Santa Monica?

A: Funerals vary depending on what services you choose to include. A funeral home in Santa Monica will charge about $10,000-$15,000 for funeral services; however, depending on what services you need there are cheap funerals are available.

Q: How much does a simple casket cost?

A: A simple casket can cost as low as $1,000. Mid-range caskets can go up to $4,000. More extravagant caskets can cost over $50,000.

Q: What are the three parts of a funeral?

A: The visitation, a funeral ceremony, and burial services are the three parts of a typical funeral. You can modify services that you do not want to be included.

Q: How long is the visitation period?

A: Visitation can last for a few hours or several days depending on your needs. Someone with a larger extended family should plan on a longer visitation period.

Q: Are funeral ceremonies and memorial services the same thing?

No, they are not the same but they are similar. The body of the deceased will be present at a funeral ceremony. The body of the deceased isn’t included at a memorial service.

Q: What takes place at a burial service?

A: Many families choose to have a graveside or commitment service prior to the body reaching its final resting place. Services might include prayer, bible verse reading, or both. This is typically a short service