Funeral Service in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Funeral Service

A funeral home in Hermosa Beach can help you with all of your funeral service needs. They can help you understand the parts of a funeral service, make recommendations for planning for funeral expenses, and help with low-cost funeral pricing.

Parts of a Funeral Service

Not all funerals are the same, but many of them follow the same three parts. Services usually begin with a visitation period and private viewing for the family. After that, the funeral services continue with a funeral ceremony, usually held at a funeral in Hermosa Beach. Then there will be commitment services when the burial takes place.

Each one of the parts of the funeral service has a different purpose, lasts a different amount of time, and can be added or taken away from the funeral plan that you choose.

Visitation and Private Viewing

The visitation period is a set time that ranges from a few hours to a few days where visitors can share their condolences with the immediate family members of the deceased. This period is when cards, flowers, and special tokens may be sent to the funeral home. Donations may also be made in the deceased’s name to their favorite charity.

Following the visitation period, the funeral provider may offer the family a short time for private viewing. This time is when the close family members can say their final goodbyes before the funeral ceremonies begin. This usually takes place on the day of the funeral and burial; however, it can be arranged for multiple private viewing sessions to be done over a period of days leading up to the services.

Funeral Services

Once the visitation period and private viewing sessions are over the funeral home in Hermosa Beach will begin the funeral ceremony. This is a time when stories of the deceased may be shared with the visitors, a eulogy may be given, prayers may be said, bible scripture may be read, and music may play.

This service is similar to a memorial service. The main difference between a memorial service and a funeral service is that the body of the deceased is present for a funeral service. These services may be held at a local church if the deceased were religious. They may also have a period of time where military honors can be served.

When the funeral ceremony is over and the visitors leave, the casket will be prepared for transportation and burial service. This includes tucking in any linens that were laid over the edge of the casket and properly sealing the casket. Family members and visitors are typically not present for this.

Commitment Services

Hermosa Beach burial service takes place following the funeral services at the Hermosa Beach funeral home. Also known as commitment services, the burial services take place graveside at the local cemetery.

Additional scripture readings may be read and prayers may be said. This is when the body of the deceased will be committed to its final resting place. The funeral company may or may not lower the casket at this time.

Following the commitment services, all visitors will leave and the funeral service provider will complete the burial services. This includes placing the casket, removing equipment, and covering the casket.

After Funeral Services

Once those three funeral services are over families may choose to hold a reception or headstone unveiling ceremony. These two events are not considered to be part of the traditional funeral services. Families can choose to have one, both, or none of these after funeral services at their discretion.

Hermosa Beach Funeral Packages

Funeral companies take into consideration the expense of a funeral service and provide their clients with different packages. Each package is built to help the client with the planning process all while keeping the funeral costs down.

Plan for Funeral Expenses

A local funeral service near you can help when you are in need of making funeral arrangements. They are able to offer recommendations for pre-planning your funeral or making time-of arrangements for a family member that has passed without any pre-planning.

Pre-planning Your Funeral

Affordable funeral services can be arranged at the Hermosa Beach funeral home. They can help with pre-paid funerals or they may suggest funeral insurance. These are both ways that you can help to lower the cost of funeral services.

How Much is a Funeral

You might wonder how much a funeral costs. Cheap funerals can be planned depending on the services that are chosen. The more services that are added the higher the cost will be. You can work with a funeral service provider to plan a Hermosa Beach funeral that costs anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000.

Casket Cost

One thing that will help to determine if you can plan a low-cost funeral is the casket choice. Caskets are required for Hermosa Beach funerals, but their price range fluctuates depending on a number of factors. When you choose a casket, the material that the casket is made of will be a big factor in it’s price.

Lower priced caskets are made of particleboard whereas higher priced coffins are made from copper or bronze. A casket usually costs between $1,000 and $4,000, but there are specialty caskets that cost upwards of $50,000 and more.

When you are planning a funeral, one of the biggest things that you have to consider is who to pick to provide the funeral services in Hermosa Beach.

Why Pick Beach Cities Cremation Society for Your Funeral

If you need to arrange funeral services for a funeral in Hermosa Beach then you should choose Beach Cities Cremation Society. They offer funeral and cremation services at their local funeral home in Hermosa Beach. All funeral services are completed under the direction of a licensed funeral director.

The caring and compassionate staff at Beach Cities Cremation Society can help you plan local funeral services near Hermosa Beach that are affordable and tactful. Choose this local company, experienced company to help you with your local funeral service needs.