Funeral Service in Long Beach

Long Beach Funeral Service

With a little bit of basic knowledge, Long Beach funerals can be planned quickly and easily. There are ways that you can have an affordable funeral service. Use a local funeral company when you are making funeral arrangements for the best pricing and services.

A local funeral service near you will be able to offer you the best funeral pricing. The funeral provider may also assist with pre-planning your funeral if that’s what you’re interested in.

Local Funeral Service

Local funeral service providers can combine their commonly requested services to offer you a package deal with lower rates. By selecting a low-cost funeral package arranging funeral services can be done with ease.

Package options provided by your local funeral company in Long Beach might include:

  1. Burial Service and a Simple Casket
  2. Burial Service and a Metal Casket
  3. Visitation and Burial Service
  4. Funeral Ceremony and Burial Service
  5. Visitation, Funeral Ceremony, Burial Service

The funeral expenses increase as you go down that list. Other services will differ in cost but can be added to the above package that best fits your needs. The service provider at the funeral home in Long Beach can go over all of the services that they offer. Your local funeral company offers the following three services.


Visitation allows visitors to stop by the funeral home and offer their sympathy and condolences for the loss of the deceased to the family. These services can be held for several days leading up to the funeral ceremony or they can be planned for just a short time before the funeral ceremony begins.

Visitation services are held at the funeral home in Long Beach. This is where any flowers, cards, or small gifts will be sen and displayed until the end of the funeral ceremony. The funeral home will also set up a time for private viewing that is separate from the visitation services.

Private viewing is a time where close family members can spend time together, mourn their loss, and pay respects to the deceased. This is usually scheduled for a short window of time before each visitation session.

Funeral Ceremony

The Long Beach funeral home or a local church may hold the funeral ceremony. This ceremony is a time when someone will speak about the life of the deceased and may say a eulogy. Services may also include prayer, a reading from the bible, and soft music.

A funeral ceremony is similar to a memorial service, but they aren’t exactly the same. The biggest difference between them is that the body of the deceased is present for a funeral whereas it isn’t for the other. The funeral ceremony doesn’t last a long time. You can expect it to last about an hour depending on how much the speaker talks.

A commitment ceremony will take place followed by the burial services after the Long Beach funeral service.

Burial Services

Long Beach burial services will take place at the local cemetery. The funeral home will arrange the transportation of the casket from the funeral home to the cemetery. A commitment ceremony will be done when the body of the deceased is committed to its final resting place. Commitment ceremonies last for a short period of time unless other more lengthy services are arranged.

Less Traditional Services Following a Funeral

Less traditional services may follow a funeral in Long Beach. Following the three main elements in funeral service, some families choose to hold a reception. At the reception, the family would provide small refreshments or a full meal. Depending on the wishes of the family, they may invite everyone who attended the funeral services or they may only have close family members present. This service usually isn’t planned through the funeral home.

A less traditional than the reception is the service for unveiling the headstone. The headstone will not be ready at the time of burial services so some families choose to hold a headstone unveiling service when the headstone is complete and installed. This is usually an intimate service that is arranged by the family and does not go through the funeral home.

The total cost of funeral services will increase if you choose to add these services which is why some people choose to skip them.

How Much is a Funeral in Long Beach

A local funeral service near Long Beach costs a minimum of $10,000 for basic services. By the time casket costs and funeral services are added together, most people will find that the total cost is closer to $15,000. If you are looking for cheap funerals in Long Beach there are a few things you can do to minimize your costs.

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that your Long Beach funeral company is local. The second thing that you need to do is look into pre-planning your funeral services at a Long Beach funeral home. The third thing that you can do is to control your casket cost.

Your casket choice can greatly impact your total funeral cost. On the low end, a simple casket that is made from particleboard can be purchased for about $1,000. Standard casket choices are priced anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. These caskets are made from wood or stainless steel. Fancier caskets made from metal like copper or bronze can cost you over $50,000.

Which company should you choose for your Long Beach funeral service and pre-planning needs? The best choice is a local company that has the ability to offer you affordable options.

Why Choose Beach Cities Cremation Society in Long Beach

Contact Beach Cities Cremation Society for your funeral service needs. In addition to offering funeral services, they also have cremation services available if you choose to go that route. They offer affordable funeral options and have served the Long Beach community for years.

Beach Cities Cremation Society has a licensed funeral director that oversees every funeral service and cremation service that they administer. They are the leading funeral service provider in the area and serve you with professionalism and compassion.