Funeral Service in Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades Funeral Service

Have you thought about looking for affordable funeral services? There are affordable funeral services at the local funeral home in Pacific Palisades. Their funeral provider assists with making funeral arrangements after a loved one has passed away. In order to make the best choices for the funeral service plan, there are some things that you should know about when planning local funeral services near you.

Pacific Palisades Funeral Service Planning

If you need help arranging funeral services and going through the funeral planning process you should work with your Pacific Palisades funeral home. They can help you with the things that you need to plan prior to actually having the funeral service. Things that should be planned before the funeral service in Pacific Palisades include:

  • Whether to have a funeral with burial or cremation services
  • Which of the traditional funeral services do you want to be included
  • Casket; will vary in material, size, and style
  • Whether or not to have an open casket during the visitation and funeral

The casket options that you have will be somewhat determined by your budget. If you have a small budget then you may opt for a casket made of particleboard. If you have more room in your budget you may opt for a wood or stainless steel casket. However, if money is no object, you may choose a bronze or copper casket.

In addition to the different material options that you have to choose from you will also have to decide what color the casket will be and whether or not it will have any additional decorations.

A lot of families opt for an open casket. This is believed to help with the grieving process because they will be able to see their loved one resting at peace one last time. There are times when it is suggested that a closed casket be chosen instead.

Next, you will have to decide which funeral services you want to plan. There are three main funeral services that most people are familiar with.

Traditional Funeral Services

There are many different types of funeral services that vary from culture to culture. In this area, traditional funeral services have three distinctive parts. The first is visitation, the second is the funeral ceremony, and the third is the burial service.

Visitation Services

After you have planned the funeral services with the funeral company visitation service happens. This is a time when visitors meet with the immediate family members of the deceased. They will often share stories and memories of the deceased.

Visitors stay for a short time and immediate family members generally stay for the duration of the visitation services. The funeral home in Pacific Palisades can help recommend how long you should plan to hold visitation services.

The family may have the opportunity to have a small, private viewing service following visitation service, but prior to funeral ceremony services. This is when family members of the deceased gather to mourn together, pay their respects, and say their goodbyes.

Funeral Ceremony Services

After visitation services, a ceremony for the funeral in Pacific Palisades will take place either at the funeral home or at a local church. The ceremony typically has a speaker that prays, does bible readings, and shares fond memories about the deceased’s life in a eulogy.

When the Pacific Palisades funeral service comes to an end, the funeral home will prepare the casket for burial services.

Burial Services

The Pacific Palisades burial service takes place at the cemetery where they will be committed to their final resting place. A commitment ceremony will take place at the graveside. The Pacific Palisades funeral company will complete the burial services after the commitment ceremony is over.

Packages for Pacific Palisades Funerals

Funeral companies have service packages that include some of the different services that they offer. This helps to make the funeral more affordable and it can make the planning process run smoother. Examples of packages for a funeral in Pacific Palisades are:

  1. Funeral service and graveside service
  2. Basic viewing and graveside service
  3. Traditional viewing, funeral ceremony, and graveside service
  4. Graveside service with a metal casket
  5. Graveside service with a simple casket

Your funeral service provider can help describe what is included in each of the packages. There may be fees for licenses or permits that are not included in the package costs.

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Pacific Palisades Funerals FAQs

On average, how much is a funeral in Pacific Palisades?

The average cost of a funeral at a funeral home in Pacific Palisades starts at $10,000 and goes up from there. Most people plan on spending closer to $15,000. Cheap funeral options are available depending on what your minimum service needs are.

Why should you pre-plan your funeral?

Pre-planning your funeral with a funeral service provider helps you to plan your funeral services at a lower price. This is because when you pre-plan you are able to lock in your pricing at today’s funeral cost and avoid the cost of inflation.

On average, how much does a casket cost?

You should be able to find a simple casket that costs under $2,000. The range for most caskets is anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. The cost will depend greatly on the material that you want your casket to be made out of.

What services do I have to have for a traditional funeral service in Pacific Palisades?

While there is nothing that requires you to have each element of traditional funeral services included in your funeral plan, traditional funeral services have three elements. This includes a visitation period, funeral ceremony, and commitment at the burial site.