Funeral Service in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Funeral Service

There are a number of funeral companies to choose from when looking for a local funeral service near you. Do you know how to choose a funeral service provider that will help you to plan a funeral service in Redondo Beach? Use the following guide to help you understand the elements of a funeral service, what impacts funeral expenses, and how to choose a local funeral service provider.

Elements of a Funeral Service

Funeral service providers are able to offer a variety of funeral services that take place at a local church, funeral home, cemetery, or a combination of the three. Work with a representative at the funeral home in Redondo Beach to figure out which funeral services you need. Some common Redondo Beach funeral services include visitation, a funeral ceremony, and burial services.


Visitation may be set up at the funeral home in Redondo Beach prior to the funeral ceremony so that visitors may express their condolences and offer sympathy to immediate family members of the deceased. These services can last for several days or just a few hours.

Visitors will typically talk to the family about the deceased and share fond memories or stories that they hold dear. They may bring food, gifts, cards, or flowers. People who are unable to attend the visitation may also send those things, too. Additionally, donations are commonly made in the name of the deceased.

The Redondo Beach funeral home may also provide time for a private viewing so that the immediate family members have some time to mourn and say their goodbyes without having to receive visitors at the same time. Private viewings are typically arranged prior to or following the public visitation hours.

Funeral Ceremony

The Redondo Beach funeral ceremony will follow the visitation and viewing services. It is similar to a memorial service in that it is a time when someone will speak on behalf of the family and talk about the life of the deceased. There could be music, prayer, and bible readings.

A Redondo Beach funeral service is dissimilar from a memorial service in one major way. The body of the deceased is present for a funeral ceremony but is not present for a memorial service.

Funeral ceremonies last for about thirty minutes to an hour, depending on how long the speaker plans to talk. The funeral in Redondo Beach can be held at the funeral home or it can take place at a local church or other places of worship.

When the funeral services have concluded care will be taken to prepare the casket for transportation to the cemetery where burial services will take place. This will include removing anything that drapes the casket, tucking in any material laying over the sides of the casket, and properly closing the casket.

Burial Services

Redondo Beach burial service will take place at the local cemetery. Burial services usually follow a commitment ceremony if the deceased was religious. A commitment ceremony is where prayer, bible reading, or both will take place to commit the deceased’s body to the final resting place. If the deceased wasn’t religious there may be a small graveside service.

Following any commitment services or graveside services, the funeral service provider will complete the burial services. They will usually wait for the family and other visitors to leave. This process involves lowering the casket, removing the equipment, and filling in the area around the casket with dirt.

All of these services are not required for a funeral to take place, but they are the three traditional parts of a funeral service. You may choose to select one, two, or three of these services depending on your wants and needs.

Things That Impact Funeral Expenses

Funeral pricing will depend on a number of factors. The first thing that you have to take into consideration with looking at how much a funeral costs is which services you want to be included in the funeral. Each service that is added to the basic burial service will increase the bottom line.

The second thing that you have to take into consideration is how much the casket will cost. There are a variety of choices that you have to make when you choose the casket and each choice will impact the total casket cost.

Funeral Cost

If you need an affordable funeral service then you should work with your funeral provider to see if they offer any packages that include their most commonly used funeral services. If you are able to, then you should work with a funeral company to help with pre-planning your funeral.

When you make funeral arrangements the best way to get a cheap funeral is to pre-plan or pre-pay for the funeral. This is because you are able to get today’s funeral pricing for a funeral that will take place in the future at an inflated rate.

If lowering your funeral cost is something that interests you then you should talk to a representative at a funeral home in Redondo Beach.

Casket Cost

As previously mentioned, each choice that you make about the casket will impact whether or not you will be able to plan a low-cost funeral. Simple caskets made from particleboard can be purchased for about $1,000. Mid-level caskets made from stainless steel or wood can be purchased for under $4,000. High-level caskets rise in price and can exceed $50,000 for an ornate bronze or copper casket.

Taking into consideration everything that you now know about planning a funeral in Redondo Beach, do you know which local funeral service you should choose? Make sure to choose a local funeral service near Redondo Beach that has experience and professionalism.

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