Funeral Service in Torrance

Torrance Funeral Service

In the event that you need to make funeral arrangements, the first thing that you need to do is look for a local funeral service near you. When you choose a funeral home in Torrance you will be able to get the best help with arranging funeral services and the lowest funeral pricing.

Once you know your options for a funeral home in Torrance, you should think about the type of funeral service that you want. There are many parts to a funeral service. Some parts are traditional and others are less traditional.

The services that you choose to have or not have will impact your total funeral expenses. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to create a low-cost funeral by using a funeral company that offers packages for local funeral services near Torrance.

Traditional Parts of a Funeral Service

There are several parts to a funeral that people have come to know and expect based on their own experiences. Each part of a funeral service has a different purpose and lasts a different length of time. Not every service is needed for a memorable funeral service. Work with your Torrance funeral home to plan the services that you need most.

Visitation and Viewing Time

There is a period of time before the actual funeral ceremony where people can pay their respects and gather in remembrance of the deceased. One way to do this is to have a public visitation period. Another way is to have a private viewing time for close family only.

Having two separate services allows the close family to pay their respects and mourn in private either before or after receiving visitors. Visitors show up for a short period of time, like fifteen minutes or so, to speak with the family and share memories and well wishes.

Flowers, cards, small mementos, and donations may all be sent to the funeral home to honor the passing of the deceased. After the period of time for visitation and viewing has passed everyone can gather for a funeral ceremony.

Visitation and viewing take place at the funeral home in Torrance. The funeral ceremony may take place either at a local church or Torrance funeral home.

Funeral Ceremony

A funeral ceremony differs slightly from a memorial service. At a funeral ceremony, the body of the deceased is present whereas it is not present at a memorial service. The funeral ceremony may include different elements like music, prayer, bible passage reading, and a eulogy.

Following the funeral ceremony, the casket will be prepared for transportation for a Torrance burial service. This includes folding in any linens that were draped over the sides of the casket and closing the casket properly.

Commitment and Burial Services

Following the funeral in Torrance, the casket containing the body of the deceased will be taken to the cemetery for commitment and burial services. A commitment ceremony is when final remarks are made and the deceased is committed to their final resting place.

The funeral service provider will then complete the burial services once the visitors have left. This includes lowering the casket, removing the equipment, and covering the casket.

Less-Traditional Parts of a Funeral Service

Commitment and burial services can be the end of the Torrance funeral services, or the family may choose to have additional, less traditional elements added on. This includes but is not limited to holding a reception and having a gravestone unveiling service.

Receptions and gravestone unveiling services happen after the funeral services if the family chooses to have them. They are less traditional because they add to the overall expense of the total funeral costs.

Funeral Cost Expectations

There are many adjustments that can be made so that you can plan an affordable funeral service. Work with your funeral provider to get recommendations on how to plan a local funeral service that meets your needs.

How Much is a Funeral in Torrance

Cheap funerals are not easy to come by. Thankfully, there are funeral companies that can help you lower the cost of your funeral in Torrance by suggesting specific services that meet your unique needs.

A standard Torrance funeral can cost $10,000 to $15,000 if you are being budget-conscious. Funeral prices can get much higher with additional services put onto a traditional funeral package. Talk to your funeral company about possible low-cost Torrance funerals.

Casket Cost

One of the things that you can do at the time of funeral planning to keep the cost of a funeral down is to be aware of how much the casket costs for the casket that you choose. Caskets have a wide range of prices because of the different materials and varying levels of design.

There are low-cost casket options that start around $1,000. Most caskets will be in the $1,000 to $4,000 price range. Just know that there are extravagant caskets available that cost over $50,000.

Pricier caskets are made of bronze or copper. Mid-range caskets are made of wood or stainless steel. Low-cost caskets are made from particleboard. The interior materials can be linen, cotton, satin, or poly-blend. The casket choices that you make will have an impact on the overall funeral expenses.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

There are ways to lower a cost of a funeral before you ever need one. One way to lower the expenses is to pre-plan your funeral. This involves prepaying for your funeral and making some decisions about funeral services ahead of your death. There is also funeral insurance that can be purchased to help with the growing cost of funeral services.

Make sure that when you are planning a funeral service in Torrance that you choose a local, experienced company to help with making the funeral arrangements.

Choose Beach Cities Cremation Society for Funeral Services

Beach Cities Cremation Society is the leading provider of funeral services and cremation services in Torrance and the surrounding area. They have been serving the local community with professionalism and compassion for years. Every funeral service that they conduct is overseen by a licensed funeral director. They offer low-cost funeral service packages to help with your individual needs.