Funeral Services in Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes Funeral Services

If you go into planning with a local funeral service provider, it can be easy to arrange funeral services at a Palos Verdes funeral home. You should go into the meeting with some basic knowledge about the parts of a funeral, how much funeral expenses cost, and how to choose a funeral home in Palos Verdes.

Parts of a Traditional Palos Verdes Funeral Service

When you consider planning a local funeral service for your funeral needs you should know about the three main parts of a funeral. These three parts are:

  1. Visitation
  2. Funeral ceremony
  3. Commitment and burial services

These services are the traditional services that people choose to hold; however, you can have a cheap funeral if some of these services are not included in your funeral services. Adding services will also affect your overall funeral cost.

Public Visitation Services

The funeral company will prepare the body of the deceased for the funeral process while you are planning the funeral services. Once preperation is complete there can be a public visitation service. This is a set time where visitors may stop by the funeral home and visit with the close family of the deceased. The length of visitation can be just a few hours or elapse several days.

Visitors may choose to share stories and fond memories. It is common for visitors to bring cards, flowers, or small items that were loved by the deceased. They may choose to make a donation to charity in the name of the deceased, too.

The Palos Verdes funeral home may set up time for the family to have a private viewing to take place right before or right after the visitation services. This is so the family can mourn privately without having to accept visitors at the same time.

After visitation and viewing services are finished, a funeral ceremony may take place at the funeral home in Palos Verdes.

The Funeral Ceremony

When you make funeral arrangements, you will plan the funeral ceremony. Ceremonies are different depending on the deceased’s culture and religion. Some funeral ceremonies will take place in a church and others will take place at the funeral home in Palos Verdes.

Your funeral provider can make recommendations for help with the funeral ceremony, but usually families use a clergy member to perform the services. Services may include playing music, a speach about the deceased, prayer, and scripture readings.

Once the casket has been prepared for transportation it will be moved from the funeral home to the cemetery for Palos Verdes’ burial service.

Commitment and Palos Verdes Burial Service

Graveside services take place at the deceased’s graveside. This service is sometimes referred to as a commitment service and is used to acknowledge that the body of the deceased is committed to the ground, its final resting place. A prayer may be said and a bible reading may be done at this time.

Following the commitment service, the funeral service provider will complete necessary burial services. Visitors do not stay for the final burial; however, additional services may follow.

Additional Funeral Services

There are a few services that are common, but less traditional parts of a funeral in Palos Verdes. The two less common services are a post-funeral reception and a headstone unveiling.

If the family chooses to hold a reception they may have it at a local family member’s home, nearby restaurant, or banquet hall. The reception may include a light snack or a full meal. Families like to display pictures or show slideshows of photographs of the deceased. Receptions can be held for any visitors or just for close family members.

At the time of the burial services the headstone will usually not be completed. This is because of the length of time it takes to finish a headstone and put it in place. Families may choose to hold a small, intimate service for the unveiling of the headstone when it is ready.

These two services are not necessary, but some families choose to have them. If you choose to do either of these additional funeral services then you should expect for the total funeral cost to increase.

How much is a Funeral near Palos Verdes?

Low-cost funeral options are offered by funeral companies. Additionally, you can pre-plan your funeral to lower the cost of your personal funeral pricing. You are able to lock in lower rates and avoid inflation when you pre-plan and pre-pay for Palso Verdes funeral services.

Don’t worry if you are unable to make pre-arrangements. You can still have a low-cost Palos Verdes funeral if you need to make time-of arrangements for a family member who has passed away.

Funeral service prices begin at about $10,000 and will increase based on the services that you choose to add A local funeral service near Palos Verdes may have packages available with their most commonly used services. Packages that are cost-effective may be available, but expect for them to have less services included.

The casket cost will also factor into the overall funeral cost. For a plain, particleboard casket you should expect to pay $1,000. Mid-level casket pricing goes up to $4,000, and high-level casket pricing can be upwards of $50,000, or more. The price varies based mostly on the design and materials.

If you are looking to minimize your expenses for a Palos Verdes funeral service then you should work with the funeral provider to narrow down what services you need and which ones you don’t. Choose a reputable service for your funeral in Palos Verdes so that you feel comfortable with the decisions being made.

Why Should You Select Beach Cities Cremation Society for Funeral Services in Palos Verdes

Beach Cities Cremation Society provides the local community with affordable funeral service and cremation services. All Palos Verdes funerals are under the direction of a licensed funeral director and expert staff members are available to assist you.

If you need to plan funeral services in Palos Verdes or the surrounding area contact Beach Cities Cremation Society. They will work with you and assist you during each step of the funeral planning process.