Cremation in Westchester

Westchester Cremation

When the time comes and you need to look into cremation service in Westchester there are some important things that you should know. From service options to urn selection you want to select a trusted cremation provider to help you. Follow this guide for what steps to take when choosing cremation services for yourself or a loved one.

First, you can pre-plan cremation service with a local cremation service. This helps to take the burden off of your family having to make the decisions at the time of your death. Second, you should choose a cremation service that fits your budget and your needs. There are many different service options available to you for cremation in Westchester. Finally, you need to decide what to do with the remains.

Different Cremation Service Options

If you are looking for Westchester cremation, you should look into the different service options that you have. Cremation companies offer a wide variety of services to meet your family’s unique needs. Take a look at some of the local cremation services near you.

Simple Cremation

The simple cremation service is a low-cost cremation option that includes everything necessary for the cremation to take place. Service includes transportation of the decedent from the place of their death to the local crematorium for direct cremation services.

Simple cremation packages come with the service of a funeral director and staff members. It also includes preparing the death certificate. Clergy fees, crematory fees, and other fees and documents as required by the state are additional. This cremation pricing is the lowest around.

Cremation with Witnessing

This package includes everything from the simple package but also allows for the family to be able to identify and witness the insertion and private cremation at the Westchester crematory. This doesn’t include any type of viewing or memorial service; however, that can be added on separately if desired.

Cremation with Viewing

A package with viewing includes embalming the body for visitation services in addition to the services in the simple cremation package. A casket rental can be done so that you do not have to purchase one. A casket rental charge along with any fee charged by clergy is separate. After the viewing takes place then the deceased will be transported to the crematorium for the cremation services.

Cremation with Memorial Service

Memorial service packages include the use of equipment and staff to hold a memorial service. The memorial service is in addition to the Westchester cremation simple package. There are multiple types of memorial service styles to choose from, so make sure that you speak with your cremation service provider about the type of memorial service you want to hold. Examples of the various memorial services may include:

  • Celebration of life
  • Religious service
  • Military service
  • Ash scattering service

The cremation company that you choose may offer additional services and allow you to combine multiple services together so that your experience is exactly what you have in mind. For example, you might want cremation, witnessing, and a memorial service. Make sure that you talk to the cremation service provider so that they can help you plan and set up services to your liking.

What to Do After Westchester Cremation Service

After cremation services are complete, you will need to decide what to do with your loved ones’ remains. There are almost endless options to choose from when you are purchasing an urn for the cremated remains. The urn that you choose will help you to memorialize your loved one forever, or transport the remains to the place where you choose to scatter the remains.

Cremation Urn Choices

There is a wide selection of urns that your cremation service provider can help you to choose from. Different types of urns that you can choose from might include:

  • Biodegradable urn – provide an environmentally friendly option
  • Brass and metal urn – used for home display, burial, or nice placement
  • Cast acrylic urn – a stunning display option
  • Cast bronze urn – can look like a decorative work of art
  • A clock urn – a functional choice
  • Cloisonne urn – a traditional option made with enamel and copper
  • A garden stone urn – provides an outdoor display option
  • Hardwood urn – typically a box design used for display, can be a flag case, too
  • Sheet bronze urn – a durable option that can be engraved to personalize
  • Solid marble urn – a stunning and durable choice made from natural marble

Some people choose to display cremated remains in their homes. A more decorative urn might be chosen in this instance. Other people choose to intern cremated remains in a mausoleum or gravesite. A decorative urn may be used in a niche in a mausoleum, or an environmentally friendly urn may be chosen if you want to bury it in a grave. Then, there are some people who choose to scatter the remains of their loved ones.

Scattering Remains

If you want to scatter the remains of your loved one, then you should talk to your cremation provider. They will be able to help you if you choose to have an affordable cremation service followed by an ash scattering service. The state has laws regarding the scattering of remains so you should make yourself familiar with the procedure prior to making any plans.

No matter how you choose to honor your loved one, make sure that you choose a cremation company that can help you with cheap cremation services.

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If you are looking for a local cremation service near Westchester then you should choose Beach Cities Cremation Society. Their professional staff will help you make cremation arrangements. Their crematory is licensed and inspected as required by the state, too.

Beach Cities Cremation Society prides itself on offering your family respect and dignity. They offer a wide variety of services and can even help anyone who prefers to make their own pre-arrangements. All of the products and services offered are high in quality and affordable in price. There’s no better cremation company that serves the community in Southern California.