Funeral Service in Hawthorne

Hawthorne Funeral Service

For local funeral services, you should contact a funeral home in Hawthorne. They will help you with how to arrange funeral services and suggest affordable options. When you choose a local funeral home in Hawthorne you are sure to get the best service and funeral pricing available.

How to Arrange Funeral Services

Making funeral arrangements can seem like a daunting task because there are so many decisions to be made and they often have to be done in a time of grief. A funeral company can help you to decide which funeral services will meet your needs.

Public Visitation

Hawthorne funerals usually begin with public visitation. This period of time can last anywhere from a couple of hours to several days. It takes place at the Hawthorne funeral home. Visitors will come to meet with the family and offer their sympathy for their loss.

When visiting people may choose to bring cards, flowers, gifts, or food. They may also choose to make a donation in the name of the deceased to a charity that was important to them. It is common for people to stay at visitation for a short time, maybe only fifteen minutes, then come back for the funeral service. If they are unable to be present for the funeral service they may, however, choose to stay longer.

Private Viewing

Private viewing times may be set up for the close family members of the deceased so that they may pay their respects without having to receive visitors at the same time. Private viewing times typically happen before public visitation begins for the day.

Funeral Service

The funeral ceremony will begin after the set public visitation and private viewing sessions have come to an end. The ceremony may or may not be religious. There is typically music and sharing stories or memories of the life of the deceased. If wanted, prayer and bible verse readings may be done.

Following the Hawthorne funeral services, the funeral director will have the casket prepared for transportation to the burial site.

Burial Service

A Hawthorne burial service takes place after the funeral ceremony. Some people choose to have a commitment service where the body of the deceased will be committed to their final resting place. This may include more praying and reading from the bible.

Following the commitment ceremony, the Hawthorne funeral provider will lower the casket, remove equipment, and cover the casket. Family members and visitors are usually not present for this process.


Following the funeral in Hawthorne, reception may be held for the visitors who went to the funeral. This may include small snacks or a full meal. It can include displayed pictures or a slide show. It can be as large or small as the family wants, or they may choose not to have one at all.

Headstone Unveiling

There can be a wait for the headstone to be completed. When it is done, some families choose to have a headstone unveiling service. This is not necessarily a traditional element included in funeral services, but it is an option if you want to do something special when the headstone has been completed.

There are many services to choose from, which is why funeral companies offer packages to help with the planning process. Talk to your funeral service provider to see what packages they offer so that you can plan an affordable service at your local funeral home.

How to Plan an Affordable Funeral Service

Funeral expenses differ depending on which funeral home in Hawthorne you decide to use. The service provider can help you with pre-planning your funeral or planning a cheap funeral depending on your immediate needs.

How Much is a Funeral

The funeral cost differs from state to state. A standard funeral in Hawthorne starts around $10,000 and can exceed $15,000 depending on which services are deemed necessary. The more services that you want for the funeral the higher the cost will be.

There are ways to lower the cost of funeral services. If you limit which services you have to have you will be able to lower your cost some. Pre-planning your funeral or purchasing funeral insurance can help lower the cost of a funeral. It helps to reduce inflation that occurs from the time of purchase to the time when the funeral is needed. Your casket choice will also make a difference in the overall cost.

How Much Does a Casket Cost

Caskets can be basic and simple or elaborate and grandiose. The casket that you choose will make a difference in how much the total funeral cost will be. Caskets can be as cheap as $1,000. They can also be as expensive as $50,000. Most caskets are in the $1,000 to $4,000 price range.

The reason that casket prices are so different is because of the materials that are used to construct the casket. A simple casket may be made out of particleboard. An elaborate casket may be made out of copper or bronze.

Caskets also have a variety of colors and interior options that you can choose from. Colors include brown, blue, pink, black, white, and more. Interiors can be linen, cotton, or satin. Special decorations or adornments can be added, too.

If you need help to plan a funeral then you should choose a local funeral service company that can help with all of your planning needs from beginning to end.

Why Select Beach Cities Cremation Society for Funeral Service

If you are looking for a local funeral service near Hawthorne then you should contact Beach Cities Cremation Society. They not only provide low-cost funeral options, but they are able to help with cremation services, too.

They are a leading funeral provider that has been proudly serving the Hawthorne community for years. Their local funeral service near you is always done under the direction of a licensed funeral director. Staff members are caring, compassionate, and can help you with planning a Hawthorne funeral.