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Hawthorne Cremation

There are many ways to plan a local cremation service in Hawthorne and it can be much easier than you suspect. The most ideal way to do it is to make pre-arrangements for cremation services; however, there are times when that is not possible and you will have to make time-of services for a loved one that has passed unexpectedly. If you work with a cremation provider they can walk you through the steps of making cremation arrangements. These decisions will range from choosing a cremation package to service options to a permanent urn.

The following guide can also be used to help guide you through this process. It has the three steps to planning cremation service in Hawthorne, cremation packages available, and covers what to do with cremated remains. In the end, you will be able to choose the best cremation company in Hawthorne.

Planning Cremation Services in 3 Simple Steps

Use these three simple steps to plan direct cremation services in Hawthorne.

First, you must find a local cremation service near you. They can help you make pre-arrangement services or time-of services depending on your need. A local cremation service is preferred for many reasons including quality and affordability.

Second, you need to plan services with the local cremation service company. Cremation companies have the ability to provide packages and services that meet your needs and budget. A cremation coordinator will outline the package options. They can also go over cremation services in Hawthorne so that your service is personalized to your needs.

Third, you have to decide what to do with the cremated remains. Cremated remains are usually released to the family in a temporary urn. The family can then decide to scatter the ashes or place them in a permanent urn.

Cremation Service Options in Hawthorne

The local Hawthorne cremation company offers four main cremation service packages. Look at each package to see which one you like the best. If you like more than one, talk to your cremation coordinator because you can mix and match the portions of the packages that appeal to you the most.

Simple Cremation Packages in Hawthorne

The simple cremation package includes everything needed for a traditional cremation in Hawthorne. This low-cost cremation service starts by transporting the deceased to the local crematorium. Cremation services will be completed there.

The licensed funeral director will be assisted by staff and will oversee the complete cremation services. Crematory fees and fees required by the state may be added. The lowest cremation pricing package for cremation in Hawthorne is the simple cremation package.

Cremation and Witnessing Packages in Hawthorne

If you prefer to witness the insertion prior to private cremation, this package is one you would like. It provides you with witnessing services along with the simple cremation package and service at the Hawthorne crematory. Other services may be added on if you wish.

Cremation and Viewing Packages in Hawthorne

If you prefer to hold a traditional viewing and follow it with cremation then this is the package for you. It includes embalming, a viewing period of the deceased in a casket, and then the cremation services. There will be a casket rental fee. Following the viewing services, the deceased will be taken to the crematorium for cremation services to take place. As with the other packages, you can add on to this package if you so choose.

Cremation and Memorial Service Packages in Hawthorne

If you would like to have a memorial service you can select this package. Memorial services can be done after the cremation has taken place and the remains are placed in the urn, or they can be combined with the viewing package. This package includes the cremation services in the simple cremation package along with the use of equipment needed for the memorial service.

There are a variety of memorial service options that are available so make sure to let your cremation service provider know what your vision is. This will help them meet your specific needs for the memorial service.

After Hawthorne Cremation Service Decisions

Cremated remains are returned to the family for display or scattering unless they are to be placed in a gravesite or mausoleum niche. They should be moved to a permanent urn unless they are to be scattered.

Temporary & Permanent Cremation Urns

Temporary urns are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Sometimes you can purchase a biodegradable urn that will sprout a tree or other live plant to remember your loved one by.

Permanent cremation urns have so many materials, decor styles, shapes, and sizes. Some of the materials include brass, metal, bronze, acrylic, hardwood, and marble, but there are more. There are functional indoor options like a clock or storage case. Additionally, there are outdoor options like garden stones and pillars. The options are almost endless and customizable.

If you need help to choose the right urn for your situation, talk to your cremation provider before services so that you receive the urn that will meet your vision and honor your loved one. Cremation providers can help you by making a recommendation and showing you the different urns they have access to.

Scatter the Remains

Cremation companies can also assist you if you need ash scattering services if you choose to forgo internment in an urn. Make sure that you follow California’s laws about how to care for the cremated remains of the deceased. Cremation companies are familiar with these laws and can assist you with any questions you may have.

Do you know which affordable cremation company to choose? A professional cremation company should be chosen for any cheap cremation services your choose to have done.

Beach Cities Cremation Society for Traditional Cremation

The highest quality local cremation service near Hawthorne is Beach Cities Cremation Society. The staff is professional and caring and will compassionately help with the planning of cremation services. The cremation will take place in their crematory that is state-licensed and inspected.

The staff at Beach Cities Cremation Society’s number one priority is to provide you and your family with respect. They can assist with time-of cremation planning and pre-planning your cremation. Services and products that are provided are not only high in quality, but they are affordable, too. Choose the cremation company that proudly serves your Southern California community with dignity and pride.