Cremation in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Cremation

It doesn’t have to be difficult to plan a cremation service in Hermosa Beach so long as you know where to start. Making cremation arrangements for yourself so that your wishes can be given to your family is ideal. There are times, however, when you will have to make decisions for a loved one that has passed. The number one thing that you should do is work with a cremation provider. They will be able to help walk you through the process of making cremation decisions. Decisions that you have to make range from choosing your service option to selecting an urn. Use the following guide to help you through the steps of choosing cremation services easily.

Planning Cremation Services in 3 Steps

Planning direct cremation services in Hermosa Beach can be done in three easy steps. Step one is to choose a local cremation service company near you that can help you make pre-arrangement services or time-of services. The cremation company is beneficial for numerous reasons including affordability and quality.

Step two is to plan what services you need with the local cremation service company. Cremation companies have a range of cremation packages and services that can meet your needs and fit within your budget. Your cremation coordinator will explain the options for cremation services in Hermosa Beach so that you can have a personalized service.

Step three is to decide how the cremated remains will be cared for following the cremation service. The remains will be released to the family in a temporary urn following cremation unless directed otherwise. Multiple cremation urns that are permanent urns are available for purchase. The price of the urn depends on the material they are made with and their size

Cremation Service Options in Hermosa Beach

There are four main cremation service packages that are offered by the local Hermosa Beach cremation company. Take a look at all of the different package options in order to choose which one will best meet your needs. The various packages for cremation near you are below. If desired, you can mix and match the packages by talking to your cremation coordinator.

Simple Cremation Packages in Hermosa Beach

All of the things that are needed for a low-cost cremation service are included in the simple cremation package. This package provides transporting the deceased’s body to the local crematorium where cremation services are to take place.

A licensed funeral director will oversee the complete cremation services. Other fees such as crematory fees and fees required by the state may be added. The simple cremation package is the lowest cremation pricing for cremation in Hermosa Beach.

Cremation and Witnessing Packages in Hermosa Beach

Cremation with witnessing allows the family to witness the insertion of the deceased at the time of cremation. A private cremation will then be performed. This package includes everything in the simple cremation package along with the witnessing service at the Hermosa Beach crematory. You may choose to add other services to this package if you want.

Cremation and Viewing Packages in Hermosa Beach

Cremation with viewing allows mourners to view the deceased after embalming. The deceased will be laid in a casket that can be rented. There is a casket rental fee, but it is much cheaper than purchasing the casket outright. Once viewing services are finished the deceased will be transported to the crematorium for cremation services.

Cremation and Memorial Service Packages in Hermosa Beach

Cremation with memorial services allows people to remember the deceased and mourn their loss. This package includes the help of staff and equipment needed for the service to take place. The memorial service package may have an additional clergy fee. As with the viewing package, this package includes everything in the simple cremation package and can be combined with other services offered by the cremation company.

Let your cremation service provider know what your vision is for the cremation and services so that they can meet your specific needs for the memorial service.

After Hermosa Beach Cremation Service Decisions

Once cremation services have been completed the remains will be returned to the family in a temporary urn. From there you will have to decide what happens to the remains. Remains may stay in a temporary urn if you plan on scattering the ashes; however, you should think about purchasing a permanent urn if you plan to display or bury the remains.

Temporary & Permanent Cremation Urns

Temporary and permanent cremation urns that you can choose from include:

  • Biodegradable – an environmentally friendly urn for burial
  • Brass and metal – a burial, niche, or display urn
  • Cast bronze – a beautiful and decorative bronze urn for display
  • Sheet bronze – an urn that can be engraved for display
  • Cast acrylic – an urn that doubles as a work of art for display
  • Garden urn – a durable urn for outdoor display
  • Clock – a functional urn for indoor display
  • Traditional cloisonne – display or burial urn made with enamel and copper
  • Hardwood urn – a display box, can be functional, too
  • Marble – strong and solid display urn marble of natural marble

You can get help with choosing the right urn from your cremation provider if you let them know your preference for what will happen to the remains. From there they can make a recommendation.

Scatter the Remains

In addition to urn selection, cremation companies are able to assist you with choosing a scattering location after you receive the remains. There are laws in California about how to care for cremated remains, so make sure you understand them before scattering any ashes.

Cheap cremation services should be done by a professional cremation company. Do you know who to choose for an affordable cremation service?

Beach Cities Cremation Society for Traditional Cremation

The best local cremation service near Hermosa Beach is Beach Cities Cremation Society. Their staff is professional and caring. They are able to compassionately assist with the arrangement of cremation and services. Cremations are only performed at a licensed and inspected crematory, per state law.

The top priority for the staff at Beach Cities Cremation Society is providing you and your loved one’s respect. They can help whether you are pre-planning your cremation or time-of arrangements. The services and products that they provide are not just affordable, they are high in quality, too. Choose the cremation company that services your Southern California community proudly and with dignity.