Funeral Service in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey Funeral Service

Funeral service in Marina Del Rey can be broken down into different categories based on what your individual needs are. This includes pre-planning your funeral, choosing from different traditional funeral service elements, and understanding funeral costs. Funeral costs may fluctuate based on the funeral company and the packages that they offer.

Steps to Pre-Planning Your Funeral

When you are considering making funeral arrangements for yourself, it is highly advisable to work with a funeral home in Marina Del Rey. When you choose a local funeral service near you then you will be able to lower your overall funeral cost. Things that you should also take into consideration when you are pre-planning your funeral are:

  • Which funeral provider do you want to work with?
  • Do you want to have an opened or closed casket?
  • Are there parts of the funeral service that you want to be left out?
  • Are there parts of the funeral service that you want added in?
  • Where do you want your funeral services to take place?

Traditional Marina Del Rey Funeral Service Elements

If you want to arrange funeral services for a funeral in Marina Del Rey then you should first decide what elements you want to be included in your funeral service. Traditional parts of a local funeral service include a visitation period, a funeral ceremony, and a burial service.

Where to Hold Your Local Funeral Service Near Marina Del Rey

Your Marina Del Rey funeral home can help you choose the location where the funeral is to be held. Funeral service in Marina Del Rey can be held at the funeral home of your choosing, a local church, a relative’s home, or simply at the gravesite. A lot depends on which traditional service elements you want.

Marina Del Rey Visitation and Viewing

Traditionally, Marina Del Rey funerals start with a visitation and viewing period. The visitation period is where immediate family members of the deceased will greet and meet with the friends and distant family of the deceased. They typically visit for a short period of time and share memories and fond stories that they have.

The viewing is a time when small gifts, flowers, and donations may be sent in memory of the deceased. Mementos and flowers are usually displayed in the funeral home for visitors to look at and reflect upon. Photographs of the deceased or items that were exceptionally important to the deceased may also be displayed, too.

A viewing service is a private visitation for the close or immediate family members of the deceased to say their final goodbyes. The viewing usually takes place after visitation but before the funeral ceremony begins.

Marina Del Rey Funeral Ceremony

A funeral ceremony is a service that happens after the visitation and viewing period are over, but before the burial service begins. At this ceremony, there may be music, prayer, scripture reading, and details of the life of the deceased. If the deceased was a veteran then military honor services may be performed at this time.

When the funeral ceremony has finished, the casket will be prepared for the burial service. Preparing the casket usually involves removing any jewelry that was placed on the deceased and returning it to the family. This is also the time when the inner lining of the casket will be tucked inside and the lid of the casket is closed and sealed. Then the closed casket will be transported to the cemetery.

Marina Del Rey Burial Service

Following the services that take place at the funeral home or other desired location, the deceased will be transported to the cemetery in the casket. A graveside service, also known as a committal service, will take place prior to the lowering of the casket.

The Marina Del Rey funeral service provider will complete the burial services after the commitment service has been completed. It includes lowering the casket, removing equipment, and filling in the ground. This usually takes place without friends or family present.

These three services are not required for a funeral in Marina Del Rey. You may choose to add on services such as a reception. This would take place following the burial services. A reception may include small snacks or a full meal.

How Much is a Funeral?

There are a few things that you will need to consider when looking at funeral pricing. The best thing to do is work with a funeral service provider to narrow down what you need for the most affordable funeral service.

Funeral expenses include the cost of preparation, visitation services, ceremony services, burial services, and casket costs to name a few. Generally speaking, traditional funerals cost an average of $10,000-$15,000 but can increase in price depending on the funeral company and the packages they offer.

Marina Del Rey Funeral Service Packages

Funeral companies offer packages that include a selection of the services that they offer to make planning cheap funerals easier for families. The funeral home in Marina Del Rey may offer one of the following packages:

  1. Simple graveside funeral with a basic casket, made from standard particleboard material
  2. Simple graveside funeral with a metal casket, made from 20 gauge steel
  3. Standard funeral in Marina Del Rey with viewing service and graveside service
  4. Traditional viewing service with a funeral ceremony at the funeral home in Marina Del Rey followed by a commitment ceremony at the graveside

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