Funeral Service in Culver City

Culver City Funeral Service

A funeral home in Culver City can help you plan affordable funeral services. If you need to make funeral arrangements after your loved one has passed then you should speak with a local funeral provider. In order to make the best choices for local funeral services near you, there are some things that you should have some basic knowledge of first.

Funeral Service Planning in Culver City

A representative at the Culver City funeral home can walk you through funeral planning and help you to arrange funeral services. Three things you need prior to planning funeral service in Culver City are:

  • Deciding on a casket; caskets differ in materials, styles, and colors
  • Whether to have a closed casket or an open casket
  • Which of the common funeral services do you want included

Your budget and the appearance that you want will help dictate which casket you choose. Common casket materials include particleboard, wood, and metal. More expensive materials are bronze and copper. Some caskets are available in different colors or have decorative elements that can be added.

Open caskets are common so that people have one last time to see the deceased. Saying goodbye to a loved one in an open casket can help you to remember them in a peaceful way. A closed casket may be better in some instances.

In this part of the world, the traditional funeral services have three separate parts. Depending on where you live there may be additional cultural services to consider. Religious services may also have an impact on the funeral services that you plan.

Top 3 Funeral Service Elements

Funeral services vary from culture to culture and from religion to religion. In this area, there are three elements that make up a traditional funeral service, but less traditional services may also be arranged. The commonly used funeral service elements include visitation services, a funeral ceremony, and then a commitment service followed by a burial service.

Visitation Services

The first service to happen after the funeral services have been planned is usually a visitation service. Visitation is a set timeframe where the immediate family members of the deceased can receive visitors. Visitors, including distant family or friends, may share stories that they remember. They may bring flowers, food, or other gifts to show their sympathy.

Usually, visitors do not stay for the duration of the visiting hours. Immediate family members will usually stay the entire time so that they can meet with the visitors. If you need help deciding how long to hold visitation services, the funeral home in Culver City can recommend how long to hold the services. This will depend on the number of visitors that you expect to stop by. Visitation time can be just a few hours or spread out over several days leading up to the funeral ceremony.

The family will usually be provided with private viewing services prior to the visitation services so that they can mourn and say goodbye to the deceased without having visitors at the same time. There may be one or multiple private viewing services.

Funeral Ceremony Services

There will be a ceremony for the funeral in Culver City that follows the visitation period. The service usually happens at the funeral home or local church. Services usually combine prayer, scripture readings, music, and someone who speaks about the life of the deceased.

The funeral home will prepare the casket for transportation and burial services following the Culver City funeral service.

Burial Services

The Culver City burial service will take place at the cemetery where the deceased’s body will be committed to its final resting place. Prior to the Culver City funeral company completing the burial services, a commitment ceremony may take place at the graveside.

Culver City Funeral Packages

To make the planning process easier, funeral companies will usually put the different services that they offer together in a package. For example, a package for a funeral in Culver City might look like this:

  1. Traditional viewing, a funeral ceremony, and graveside service
  2. Basic viewing and graveside service
  3. A funeral ceremony followed by graveside service
  4. Graveside service with a simple casket or a metal casket

If you want additional services to be included or some services to be excluded make sure that you speak with your funeral service provider so that they know how to arrange the funeral services.

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Contact Beach Cities Cremation Society if you are looking for low-cost funeral or cremation services. They have provided local funeral services to the Culver City community for years. A licensed funeral director will oversee your loved one’s funeral.

Beach Cities Cremation Society works hard to give you affordable funeral services. There is not a better provider for local funeral services near Culver City.

FAQs: Culver City Funerals

Question 1: In Culver City, how much is a funeral?

Answer 1: Depending on the services that you choose to have included the cost of services at a funeral home in Culver City will start around $10,000 for a cheap funeral. The pricing can go over $15,000 depending on what services you choose to have.

Question 2: Should you pre-plan your funeral?

Answer 2: Pre-planning your funeral with a funeral service provider allows you to pre-pay for a funeral at today’s cost. This option would not only allow your funeral cost to be lower than other funerals at the time of your passing, but it will help your family with your final wishes.

Question 3: How much will a casket cost?

Answer 3: There are so many different casket options to choose from. The basic, simple casket needed for a Santa Monica burial service costs about $1,000. Caskets that you may be familiar with seeing on TV may be as much as $4,000. There are elaborate casket options that are priced well over $50,000.

Question 4: What services are included in traditional funeral service in Culver City?

Answer 4: The three main parts of a funeral include a visitation period, the funeral ceremony, followed by a commitment with burial service.