How will I know my paperwork has been received?

Our fax lines are available 24 hours a day. You will receive confirmation from our staff of receipt by telephone during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

How long will this whole process take?

We must obtain a signed death certificate signed by the deceased's attending physician or the medical examiner prior to filing the cremation permit with the State of California. While some doctors are good at signing a death certificate immediately, others take several days. On average, the cremated remains should be ready for you in about two weeks.

Are Medical Examiner/Coroner fees included in your price?

No, medical examiner/coroner fees are in addition to our fees. While our paperwork shows you what the various county charges are, you are welcome to contact them directly to inquire about their fees.

How do I obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate?

Once the original death certificate is completed and filed with the State of California, we will obtain death certificates at the County Health Department on your behalf.

What are the other fees?

While we have tried to include everything in our low fee, there are some things out of our control. If the deceased is at a medical examiner's office or another funeral home, both will have their own transportation fees.

How long can a hospital hold someone's body after they have died?

Contrary to what hospitals may tell you, they must hold remains until a funeral director claims them. In the State of California, every licensed hospital is required to provide refrigerated storage for deceased human remains.

Once the deceased is removed, where do they go?

We maintain licensed holding facilities which are secure and climate controlled. The deceased is held until all required paperwork and documents are completed, at which time, we will proceed with cremation.