Funeral Service in Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Funeral Service

You should plan a local funeral service near you when you need to make funeral arrangements. You can get help throughout the funeral planning process from a local funeral service provider near Rolling Hills. Funeral service providers are also able to help with recommendations if you need to minimize your funeral expenses.

Prior to arranging funeral services, make sure that you know what services are included in a traditional funeral service. There are some non-traditional services that you should be aware of, too.

Understanding the different services in a Rolling Hills funeral will help you figure out which services you want to have planned and which ones you want to leave out. If you leave out unnecessary or unwanted funeral services then you can have a more affordable funeral service.

Elements of a Traditional Funeral Service

There are several traditional elements of a funeral service that people expect when attending a funeral in Rolling Hills. Additionally, there are some other elements that are less traditional but might be wanted with funeral services. Your funeral provider can help you set up some of the following services at the funeral home in Rolling Hills.

After a funeral has been decided on, over cremation services, the funeral company will prepare the deceased for funeral services. Funeral services usually begin with public visitation and private viewing. This process includes embalming, dressing, and arranging the deceased in the casket.

Visitation for the Public

Visitation services are usually the first services to take place after the body of the deceased has been prepared by the funeral home. It is a time when close family members of the deceased receive visitors who stop by to offer their condolences.

Visitation services may be scheduled for a few hours or can be set up to span several days. Usually, people choose to have at least one day of visitation before the funeral ceremony and burial services are held.

Private Family Viewing

Either just before or just after the visitation services the funeral service provider may provide a time for private family viewing. This is so the close family members of the deceased can mourn and pay their respects in private without visitors present. There may be only one private family viewing or multiple times may be set up depending on the number of visitation services that are scheduled.

Funeral Ceremony

Once visitation and private viewing services are over there will be a funeral ceremony. This service is where people come together to pay their respects collectively. A speaker usually talks about the life of the deceased and music may play. Some families choose to say prayers and have bible verse readings. The speaker may be a member of the clergy and give a eulogy. Funeral ceremonies take place at the Rolling Hills funeral home or they can take place at a local church.

The casket will be prepared for transportation to the cemetery where burial services are to take place following the funeral ceremony. The local funeral service will arrange for the transportation of the deceased. Visitors will follow that vehicle in a funeral procession to the cemetery.

Burial Service

A Rolling Hills burial service typically starts with a commitment ceremony. This ceremony doesn’t last as long as the funeral ceremony. A prayer and bible reading is often done at the graveside, then the body of the deceased will be committed to its final resting place.

The funeral service provider will lower the casket. They will remove their equipment and cover the casket. Onlookers are typically not present for this part of the burial service.


A reception that follows the above funeral services is a less traditional event. It can be held for any visitor who attended the funeral or close family members only.

Receptions usually offer some type of food and drink. This could be a small refreshment or a full meal. It can be a large or small event depending on the wishes of the family if they choose to have a reception at all.

Headstone Reveal

One even less common funeral service is a small service that the family has when the headstone is revealed. It would take place when the headstone is ready and set in its place.

The funeral home in Rolling Hills may suggest that you have one or more of the traditional funeral services depending on your wishes and your budget.

How Much is a Funeral

Funeral pricing can get expensive depending on how many services you want to take place. There are a few things that you can do to lower the funeral cost if you are in need of a cheap funeral.

Choose a Low-cost Funeral Package

The first way to lower the cost of a funeral is to speak with your Rolling Hills funeral service provider to see if they offer any packages. Packages combine the most commonly used services and they cost less than if done separately. Choosing a package might allow you to decrease the costs of the Rolling Hills funeral.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Funeral costs can be lowered in Rolling Hills by pre-planning your funeral. If this interests you, simply speak with a funeral home in Rolling Hills.

Casket Cost

The final way to reduce the funeral expenses is to carefully select the casket. Simple caskets can be purchased for roughly $1,000. Extravagant caskets can be purchased for over $50,000 for a bronze or copper casket. You should plan on spending up to $4,000 for a mid-level casket. This choice really makes a difference in the total funeral cost.

Hire Beach Cities Cremation Society for a Rolling Hills Funeral

Beach Cities Cremation Society is the leading company for Rolling Hills funerals. They offer funeral services and packages to assist you with the funeral planning process. A licensed funeral director will oversee the funeral services.

Rolling Hills and the local community have been served by Beach Cities Cremation Society for years. Their staff is professional, kind, and caring. There is no better funeral company to work with for all of your funeral planning needs.