Funeral Service in Lomita

Lomita Funeral Service

If you ever need to make funeral arrangements you need to look for a local funeral service near you. You will be able to get the best help with arranging funeral services and the lowest funeral pricing when you choose a funeral home in Lomita.

After you are familiar with the options for a funeral home in Lomita, think about the different elements that you want to be included in the funeral service. There are several different parts to a funeral service, but you do not have to include all of them. You may be most familiar with the traditional services, but you should know about those that are less traditional, too.

Funeral services that you select will impact the funeral expenses. You can do some things to help create a low-cost funeral. For example, using a funeral company that offers packages for local funeral services near Lomita can lower funeral costs.

Traditional Funeral Service Elements

Each element in the funeral service has a different significance and has a different duration. Just because an element is listed does not mean that you need to include it in the funeral services that you are planning for a memorable service. The Lomita funeral home representative will work with you to plan your most needed services.

Visitation and Viewing Time

The time before the funeral ceremony where visitors stop by the funeral home to pay their respects is the visitation period. People stop by and visit with the family. They may bring flowers, cards, food, or other gifts. Visitors show up for small periods of time, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, just long enough to speak with the family and offer condolences. Stories and memories may be shared with each other at this time, too.

Before or after the public visitation the funeral home can arrange a private viewing session for close family only. These services allow close family members to mourn in private either before or after receiving visitors.

Visitation and viewing services happen at the funeral home in Lomita. After the visitation and viewing time has passed people will gather for the funeral ceremony. A funeral ceremony may happen at a local church or the Lomita funeral home.

Funeral Ceremony

Funeral ceremonies are slightly different than memorial services. The body of the deceased is present at a funeral ceremony whereas it is not present during a memorial service. The funeral ceremony may include the playing of music and a speaker may talk about the life of the deceased. If desired, a member of the clergy can say a prayer, read a bible passage, and give a eulogy.

The casket will be prepared for transportation for a Lomita burial service by folding in any linens that were draped over the sides of the casket. Any flowers or other decorations will be removed from the top of the casket and a funeral director will make sure that the casket lid is closed properly.

Commitment and Burial Services

Everyone will drive from the funeral home or church in a procession where the deceased will be taken to the cemetery for commitment and burial services. The commitment ceremony is a small service where final remarks are made, prayers are said, and the body of the deceased is committed to its final resting place.

The burial services will be completed by the funeral service provider once the visitors have left.

Less-Traditional Funeral Service Elements

Commitment services may mark the end of the Lomita funeral services; however, the family may have additional, less traditional elements added on. This includes but is not limited to holding a reception and having a gravestone unveiling service.

Funeral Cost Expectations

There are ways to plan an affordable funeral service. The best thing to do is work with the local funeral provider for direction on which basic services you need to hold a local funeral service.

How Much is a Funeral in Lomita

It isn’t easy to plan cheap funerals; however, it can be done. Funeral companies can help you lower the cost of your funeral in Lomita. They can do this by suggesting the basic services that meet your individual needs.

A simple Lomita funeral can go for $10,000 to $15,000 if you are budget-conscious while planning the services. The funeral pricing can get a lot higher when additional services are put onto a plain funeral package. The funeral company will have more information about low-cost Lomita funerals.

Casket Cost Estimates

To keep the cost of a funeral down you have to be aware of how much the casket you choose costs. Caskets have a differ greatly in price because of the multitude of options available for the casket choice. Materials and varying levels of design will have the biggest impact on the cost.

Low-cost casket options that start around $1,000 and mid-level caskets can go from there up to $4,000. Low-cost caskets are made from cheaper materials like particleboard. Mid-level caskets are usually made from wood or stainless steel. High-level caskets are made with expensive metals like bronze or copper. The casket that is chosen will have an impact on the cost of the funeral expenses.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

In addition to choosing a package and being aware of the casket price, there is another way to lower the cost of a funeral. When you pre-plan your funeral you will be able to prepay for funeral services. This is more of a long-term option for saving money because you will get funeral pricing at today’s costs for a funeral that happens in the future.

When you are planning a funeral service in Lomita, make sure that you choose an experienced, local company to help with making the funeral arrangements.

Choose Beach Cities Cremation Society for Funeral Services

The leading provider of funeral services in Lomita and the surrounding area is Beach Cities Cremation Society. In addition to funeral services, they offer cremation services, too. They have proudly served the local community for years.

All of the Beach Cities Cremation Society funerals are directed by a licensed funeral director. They provide low-cost funeral service options and their caring staff can help to arrange services that meet your needs.