Funeral Service in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Funeral Service

You can plan for a funeral service in Los Angeles by looking at your individual needs and comparing them with traditional funeral service elements. Planning the funeral services includes potentially pre-planning your funeral, picking which traditional elements to include, and understanding the breakdown do the different funeral costs.

It is important to note that funeral costa can fluctuate depending on the funeral company and whether or not they offer any packages of their most commonly used funeral services.

Pre-Planning Funeral Steps

If you want to make funeral arrangements for yourself, then it is highly recommended to work with a local funeral home in Los Angeles. By choosing a local funeral service near you, you can potentially lower your total funeral cost. Other things that should also be taken into consideration when you are pre-planning a funeral include:

  • Which specific funeral provider are you going to work with?
  • Opened or closed casket, what’s your preference?
  • Are there portions of the funeral service that you want to add on?
  • Are there portions of the funeral service that you want to be left out?
  • Which location do you want your funeral services to happen?

Traditionally Used Los Angeles Funeral Service Elements

You should first decide what elements you want to be included in your funeral service if you want to arrange funeral services for a funeral in Los Angeles. The traditional elements of a local funeral service include visitation services, the funeral ceremony, and commitment services prior to final burial services.

Where to Have Your Local Funeral Service Near Los Angeles

There are a few locations where you can hold funeral services in Los Angeles. If needed, your Los Angeles funeral home can assist with location selection for where the funeral is to be held. For example, the funeral can take place at the local funeral home of your choosing, your local church, or simply done graveside. Much of your decision will depend on the traditional service elements that you want to incorporate.

Traditional Los Angeles Visitation and Viewing Services

A visitation and viewing period are usually how Los Angeles funerals start. Visitation periods are when close family members greet visitors and friends of the deceased. These are typically short visits that happen throughout the allotted timeframe.

Flowers, cards, donations, food, or other small gifts may be sent during the visitation period. These items are displayed at the funeral home for the family and visitors to see and enjoy. Some families choose to display pictures of the deceased, too.

There may just be one visitation session, or there could be multiple spread over several days prior to the funeral ceremony. Prior to each visitation session, the funeral home will usually offer the close family members time for a private viewing so they are able to say their goodbyes and mourn without visitors.

After the visitation and viewing services are complete the funeral home will begin the funeral ceremony.

Traditional Los Angeles Funeral Ceremony

Funeral ceremonies might have music. There is typically a speaker who offers prayer, bible verse readings, and stories of the life of the deceased.

The casket will be prepared for the burial service after the funeral ceremony has finished. Preparing the casket involves removing items that have been draped over the casket. The inner lining of the casket will be tucked inside and the lid of the casket will be closed and sealed, too. After that, the casket will be transported to the cemetery for commitment services followed by final burial services.

Traditional Los Angeles Commitment and Burial Service

The casket holding the body of the deceased will be transported from the funeral home or church to the cemetery. At the graveside, a service will take place before the casket is lowered into the ground. This is often referred to as a commitment service. The commitment service usually involves saying a prayer over the deceased one last time before their body is lowered to its final resting place.

Your Los Angeles funeral service provider is able to complete the final burial services once the commitment service is over and the visitors have left. Burial services include the lowering of the casket, removing equipment needed to lower the casket, and filling in the ground around the casket.

These traditional funeral services are not required for a funeral in Los Angeles. You may choose one or all of these services. Additional services such as reception may be added on following the commitment service. This would take place following the burial services. A reception may include small snacks or a full meal.

How Much is a Funeral in Los Angeles

To gauge how much funeral pricing will be the best thing that you can do is work with a funeral service provider to select the services that you have to have. By omitting funeral services that you do not want you may be able to plan a more affordable funeral service.

Remember that when you are planning funeral expenses you have to account for the cost of preparation, each of the three traditional funeral services, and casket costs to name a few. Funerals in Los Angeles cost an average of $10,000-$15,000 but increase in price depending on add-on services requested.

Los Angeles Funeral Service Packages

Many funeral companies offer packages of their most commonly requested services. This helps families plan for cheap funerals. Your funeral home in Los Angeles have packages like:

  1. Basic graveside funeral with a particleboard casket
  2. Basic graveside funeral with a steel casket
  3. Basic funeral in Los Angeles with viewing service followed by a graveside service
  4. Traditional viewing service at the funeral home in Los Angeles with a funeral ceremony followed by a commitment ceremony at the graveside

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