Funeral Service in Gardena

Gardena Funeral Service

If you are making funeral arrangements you should know that there are low-cost funeral options at a nearby funeral home in Gardena. Funeral companies are able to combine multiple funeral services to provide their clients with affordable funeral services.

Once you know how much funeral pricing costs you can get an idea of how to lower your funeral expenses. After that, you can look at the different funeral service options to see if a funeral service provider near you has a package to meet your needs.

How Much is a Funeral in Gardena

When you need to arrange funeral services the first thing that you should do is understand how much a funeral in Gardena costs. On average, a Gardena funeral can cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Costs can increase depending on how many add-ons you chose to have along with the basic funeral.

How to Lower the Funeral Cost

If you are looking for a cheap funeral, then the first thing you should do is consider different things that you can do to lower the cost of the funeral.

Choose Local Funeral Service Near Gardena

When you want low costs for funeral services you should choose a local funeral provider. They will be able to offer you the lowest costs and the best services. A local funeral company understands the needs of its community and doesn’t have the large overhead that national companies have.

Consider Your Casket Cost

When you are at the Gardena funeral home take a look at the different casket options. There are many different caskets to choose from and the prices are very different. Prices differ based on the material of the casket, the makeup of the interior lining, and the overall style.

Pre-Plan Your Funeral

One of the best money-saving options for Gardena funerals is pre-planning your funeral. When you pre-plan your funeral you are able to secure a price that will not be affected by inflation. Simply work with a funeral home in Gardena for pre-planning and pre-payment options.

Another reason it is beneficial to pre-plan your funeral is that it allows you to outline a plan of your wishes for your family. At the time of your death, your family will not have to make any difficult decisions on what you would have wanted.

Consider a Funeral Service Package

Many funeral service providers offer packages with the most commonly used elements for a funeral service. When you work with a local funeral service provider they will be able to recommend the package that works best for your budget and your needs. Packages may include:

  • Visitation and viewing, funeral ceremony, and commitment with burial services
  • Visitation and viewing followed by the commitment and burial services
  • A funeral ceremony that is followed by the commitment and burial services
  • Commitment and burial services with a simple casket or a metal casket

3 Parts of a Funeral Service

There are three main parts to planning a Gardena funeral. This includes visitation and viewing, a funeral ceremony, and a commitment and burial service. Each part has a purpose but is not required for a funeral to take place. There are also less traditional elements that can be added to funeral services, too.

Visitation and Viewing

A visitation service allows the public to visit with the family of the deceased and offer them their sympathies. It is a time when stories or memories may be shared. Gifts, flowers, and cards may be sent to the funeral home at this time. Donations may also be made in the name of the deceased. People who are attending a viewing only stay for a short period of time, but visitation services can be spread over several days.

In order for the close family of the deceased to be able to mourn in private, there is typically a viewing service set up so that the family doesn’t have to receive members of the public. It allows the family to have some time to themselves to pay their respects. This service usually happens before or after the public visitation services.

Both of these services take place at the funeral home in Gardena. If the deceased does not have a large extended family or many friends, you may choose to forgo this service.

Funeral Ceremony

After visitation and viewing services are over there will be a funeral ceremony. A funeral ceremony is different from a memorial service because the body of the deceased is present. Military honors may be performed at this time if the deceased served in the military.

A funeral ceremony will usually have some type of eulogy or remembrance of the life of the deceased. It may also have prayer, bible verse readings, and music. Much will depend on the religious beliefs of the deceased and the family’s wishes. Gardena burial service will follow the funeral ceremony.

Commitment and Burial Services

After the funeral ceremony, the casket will be prepared for transportation for final commitment and burial services at the cemetery. Commitment services usually include a bible reading and another prayer to commit the body of the deceased to its final resting place.

Following the commitment ceremony, visitors are able to leave. The local funeral service provider will then complete the necessary burial services. This may include lowering the casket, removing the equipment, and completing the burial by covering the casket.

Make sure that you talk to the funeral service provider and let them know if there is something specific that you are looking for with your Gardena funeral.

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