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In an ideal world, everyone would pre-plan their cremation services, but when you unexpectedly lose a loved one it can be difficult to think about how to plan cremation services. You should know, however, that planning cremation services in Gardena are not difficult. The easiest way to go through the process of making tough cremation decisions is to work with your local cremation provider. A cremation provider will help you with cremation packages and urn selections.

In addition to getting help from your local cremation provider in Gardena, use this guide to walk you through the necessary planning steps. It covers the three steps of the planning process, reviews cremation packages and services, and offers helpful information about the different types of cremation urns. With help, you will know how to plan cremation services and you will know which cremation company in Gardena to use.

The 3 Easy Steps to Planning Cremation Services

Here are three easy steps to planning direct cremation services in Gardena.

First, find a company that offers a local cremation service near you for your cremation services. You should choose a local cremation company because they can help you faster than a company that isn’t local. They can also offer you more affordable options and personalized service.

Second, you need to plan the cremation services with the local cremation service company. Cremation companies have a multitude of services to choose from and it can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, they put together packages with different services that best meet their client’s needs. It is important to talk to your cremation coordinator about the different packages because each package includes something different. The provider can make recommendations or add services to your package if needed. They should also be able to help you stay within your budget.

Third, make the decision of what to do with the cremated remains during the planning process. You do not want to wait until after the cremation has taken place to decide because there could be unexpected delays with internment, urn purchases, and others. Decide if you want the remains to be buried in a gravesite, placed in a mausoleum niche, placed in a home display urn, or scattered.

Cremation Service Options in Gardena

Your local Gardena cremation company has four cremation service packages available for you to choose from. These packages have been created in such a way to meet a variety of the client’s final wishes. Each package varies in service offerings and price. This is why it is important to understand what each package includes. Services can be added to your package if you are interested in more than one service offering. All you’d need to do is talk to your cremation coordinator about adding the services to the package of your choice.

Gardena’s Simple Cremation Packages

For a simple cremation service in Gardena, you will start with a low-cost cremation option. The simple package includes everything that you need for basic cremation services. It is the absolute lowest cremation pricing package for cremation in Gardena.

Transportation of the deceased to the local crematorium, in addition to meeting all of the minimum requirements for cremation. From the crematorium, a licensed funeral director will oversee the complete cremation services.

Gardena’s Cremation and Witnessing Packages

This package includes everything that the simple package includes as well as a witnessing service. This is where you are able to witness the insertion prior to the private cremation at the Gardena crematory.

Gardena’s Cremation and Viewing Packages

This package also includes the simple cremation package but also offers a viewing service. This covers embalming the deceased and setting the body up for viewing services. A casket rental fee is required. Once viewing services are complete, the deceased will be taken to the crematorium for cremation services.

Gardena’s Cremation and Memorial Service Packages

This package includes a memorial service in addition to the simple cremation package. Your cremation service provider can help you plan the service that you have in mind. Most people choose from one of the following types of memorial services: religious service, a celebration of life service, a military service, or an ash scattering service.

After Gardena Cremation Service Decisions

After the cremation has been completed, the remains of the deceased are collected then placed in a temporary urn. From there the family will direct what to do with the remains. Typical post- cremation destinations include:

  • Internment in a mausoleum niche
  • Burial in a traditional gravesite
  • Internment in an urn for holding at a private residence
  • Scattering at a location according to the deceased’s wishes

Temporary & Permanent Cremation Urns

There are two basic categories of urns, temporary and permanent. Temporary urns are meant for short-term use, while permanent urns are long-lasting.

Someone may want a temporary urn to hold the ashes until they reach the scattering destination. Another option is a biodegradable urn that is environmentally safe and will break down over time. Some biodegradable urns include a plant that sprouts when the urn is planted in the ground.

If you choose to have a burial, mausoleum niche or keep the urn at home then you should look into permanent urn options. They will vary in style, color, price, and material. Materials to choose from include a variety of metals, marble, wood, acrylic, and more. You can also choose to have a functional urn like a clock or garden urn.

Scatter the Remains

If you do not wish to intern the remains, you may choose to scatter the ashes instead. If you do this, then you may decide on a memorial service that takes place in the location of the ash-scattering to honor the life of your loved one.

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