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Culver City Cremation

You could need help with the decision-making process that comes with cremation planning if you find yourself in need of cremation services in Culver City. Some people may need to make time-of services after a loved one has passed unexpectedly while others prefer to make pre-planning cremation arrangements prior to their death. Your local cremation provider is the best place to go for cremation planning whether you need time-of services or pre-planning help.

Use this guide along with the guidance of a cremation provider in Culver City. First, you will learn the three steps to planning cremation services. Next, you will learn about cremation packages. Then, you will see the different choices for after cremation care. Finally, you will be able to choose the best cremation company in Culver City.

3 Steps to Planning Cremation Services

Step one is to find a local cremation company to perform the cremation services. It is better to work with a locally run cremation company versus one that isn’t. Local cremation companies offer you the quickest, most affordable, and most comforting cremation services available.

Step two is to work with the cremation company to plan the cremation services that you want to take place. Your cremation company will offer a wide variety of services, so do your best not to feel overwhelmed. To help you narrow down what you need, the local cremation service company will offer cremation packages that include the basic cremation service as well as other commonly chosen services. Cremation coordinators can help you identify the best package that fits your budget and meets your needs. Additionally, they can help with any extra services that you may want to add on.

Step three is to decide what to do with the cremated remains once the cremation is finished. This may seem too early since the cremation hasn’t happened yet; however, it’s suggested this be planned ahead of time to help the natural flow of the process.

You can choose one of the following post-cremation options:

  • Bury remains in a gravesite
  • Place remains in a niche in a mausoleum
  • Keep remains in an urn for display at a residence
  • Scatter remains at a beloved location

Culver City Cremation Service Packages

Four standard cremation packages are offered by your local Culver City cremation companies to help make planning direct cremation services in Culver City a little easier. Each of the four packages offers the same cremation services but differs in other service offerings and prices.

If more than one service option appeals to you then you can add on additional services. Just let your cremation coordinator know which additional services you want to be included with your cremation package.

Culver City Simple Cremation

Low-cost cremation options include everything that is required for a standard cremation service. The basic cremation service in Culver City is the simple package. This package offers the lowest cremation pricing available for cremation in Culver City and surrounding cities.

The simple package begins by taking the deceased to the local crematorium near you where a licensed funeral director will oversee all cremation services for the deceased. Cremated remains are then returned to the family in a cremation urn.

Culver City Cremation and Witnessing

The witnessing package includes a witnessing service in addition to the simple cremation package. A witnessing service is where a pre-determined number of people are allowed to be present for the insertion and private cremation at the Culver City crematory.

Culver City Cremation and Viewing

The viewing package includes a viewing service in addition to the simple cremation package. A viewing service is where the deceased is laid out for visitors to see and requires embalming. The body is laid in a casket for viewing services and casket rental is available. After viewing services are completed the deceased will be transported to the crematorium for cremation services.

Culver City Cremation and Memorial Service

The memorial service package includes a memorial service in addition to the simple cremation package. Different memorial service types are available and may include:

  • Celebration of life service
  • Military burial service
  • Religious, prayer, or worship service
  • Ash scattering service

Let your cremation coordinator know which type of memorial service you prefer so that they can help you.

Culver City Cremation Service Decisions

The family must decide where cremated remains will be placed or how they will be cared for. This usually involves burial, internment, or ash scattering.

Temporary and Permanent Cremation Urns for Remains

Permanent urns may be used when remains are placed in a mausoleum niche, buried at a gravesite, or kept in a home display. Cremation urns come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. There is a variety of materials that they can be made from including bronze, acrylic, wood, copper, marble, and more. Urns can serve a purpose other than holding remains, too. For example, a functional urn might be a decorative storage box, a grandfather clock, or garden adornment.

You may choose a temporary urn if you need something prior to scattering the ashes or prefer something that is biodegradable. A biodegradable urn would allow you to place the ashes in the earth. There are biodegradable urns that grow plants when buried.

Scattering Remains

You may choose to scatter the ashes instead of keeping them in an urn. One common ash scattering service is to release the remains at sea. If you want to have an ash scattering memorial service work with your cremation service provider to learn about your options.

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